Improv Improv Improv!

Improv Improv Improv!

I don’t know what it is, but things seem to come in waves. I’ve had the opportunity to pull out my improvisation skills a whole bunch lately for multiple auditions and a feature film!

(Did you know I trained at Second City Chicago and UCB in LA; and have extensive sketch experience: writing, producing, acting with online sketch group onewordnocaps and BuzzFeed; and was featured on WhoHaHa?)

Most recently I got to work on a feature film written/directed by my pal from onewordnocaps, Vinnie Duyck. This improv-heavy film is done mockumentary-style and I, for one, am dying to see it. Can’t wait to share more.

I feel so grateful that I’ve been asked to brush off these skills so often this month. It’s made work time oh-so fun!


Actor Kate Bergeron and director Vinnie Duyck laugh over the monitor
Kate Bergeron and director Vinnie Duyck

Ooh look! Kate’s Commercial Voiceover demo

I’m not going to bury the lede. I’ve got a new commercial voiceover demo!

It’s been a pretty slow year in the on-camera world. Everyone’s feeling the post-strike contraction. So I decided to use this time to polish up another facet of my business. Voiceover! (That’s Voice Acting — just what it sounds like, for my non-industry readers. 🙂

I had a blast working on this- writing spots for some of my favorite brands, then recording, mixing, and editing with the help and guidance of Michelle Campbell.

With a professional booth, recording gear, software, andKate smiles out from her VoiceOver booth, announcing her commercial voiceover demo this shiny new commercial voiceover demo, I am excited to expand my acting opportunities!

Take a listen here!

Kate smiles out from her VoiceOver boothKate smiles out from her VoiceOver booth, announcing her commercial voiceover demoKate smiles out from her Voiceover booth

Outer Range on Amazon Prime

I added a new role to my resume recently when Outer Range Season 2 dropped on Amazon Prime.

I know so many actors who worked on this show and have heard nothing but positive experiences. For my part, I was thrilled and grateful to be directed by Josh Brolin, who was incredibly kind and welcoming. During a turnaround, he chatted with me in the cast chairs about living in California and New Mexico, our families, and season 2. May we get to work together again soon!

Many thanks to The O’ Agency, my managers at Dream Talent, and casting director Kiira Arai for being in my corner.

Outer Range Season 2 on Amazon Prime

Best comedy short “The Other V Word” now on YouTube

Winner of Best Comedy Short in the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival and Best Comedy Short in the Toronto International Women’s Film Festival, I had the pleasure of acting in The Other V Word, a hilarious and timely film. Directed by Kristin Goodman and with an outstanding ensemble of funny folks, this comedy short follows couples navigating sex and birth control. (Anyone wanna guess what the other V word is?)

And guess what…

Now you can watch The Other V Word on youtube! Hit that play button and share it if it made you laugh! Then let me know what you thought!

Movie poster for Best Comedy short The Other V Word

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Booked It!

I’m so looking forward to being on set later this week in the short film, Pointing Fingers. It’s a dramatic morality tale about grey areas and tough circumstances. I play a supernatural professional, whose job just happens to be judging and ushering people into the afterlife. No pressure there, right!? LOL. Follow me on Instagram and check out my stories to peek behind the scenes!

Maternity Leave – the web series

I had the pleasure of playing a high and mighty, highly ridiculous mom in the new digital series Maternity Leave. Created by Angel Laketa Moore (That Chick Angel TV), it’s a hilarious look at a new mom trying to get back into her acting career. (Yeah. I can relate.) In episode 2, I play one of the over-the-top mothers in her lactation support group, The Milky Moms. Check it out!

Make sure you don’t miss the bonus material from the episode as well, where all of us Milky Moms got to improvise. Watch the crazy come out! Look, if you leave the camera on me long enough, I’m gonna start singing!

Make it!

I’m currently being interviewed by a blog about strong women (more on that later!) and was asked how I found myself wearing so many hats (actor, writer, singer, sometimes director and producer). Aside from my creative family upbringing, upon moving to LA I discovered that everyone here was making things! I had ideas… and I had inspirational go-getters to shadow. So I dove in!

I’ve been looking at the amazing and amazingly large catalog from my sketch group onewordnocaps. We’re a bunch of actor/writer/director/producers who are constantly stretching our creative muscles and wearing multiple hats to make it all happen. Check out a few of my favorites (so far) that I’ve been involved in!

ICYMI: Easter Fools

I was very excited when WhoHaHa decided to feature a sketch I wrote and starred in for my sketch group onewordnocaps. Not familiar with WhoHaHa? “Cofounded by Elizabeth Banks, WhoHaha is a digital platform whose goal is to shine a spotlight on funny women.” I’m so glad WhoHaHa exists and so proud to be included!

Easter fell on April Fool’s Day this year and the moms in this sketch took the opportunity to celebrate in that spirit. Check it out if you haven’t seen it and keep your eyes peeled for the littlest actor making her cameo, my 2 year old daughter.

Happy Easter Fools!

New headshots

I’ve updated my headshots for the new year. You can see them throughout the site and in the gallery. (Theatrical shots taken by Dana Patrick. Commercial and comedy shots are by Karin Schneider.) Happy 2018!