Make it!

I’m currently being interviewed by a blog about strong women (more on that later!) and was asked how I found myself wearing so many hats (actor, writer, singer, sometimes director and producer). Aside from my creative family upbringing, upon moving to LA I discovered that everyone here was making things! I had ideas… and I had inspirational go-getters to shadow. So I dove in!

I’ve been looking at the amazing and amazingly large catalog from my sketch group onewordnocaps. We’re a bunch of actor/writer/director/producers who are constantly stretching our creative muscles and wearing multiple hats to make it all happen. Check out a few of my favorites (so far) that I’ve been involved in!

ICYMI: Easter Fools

I was very excited when WhoHaHa decided to feature a sketch I wrote and starred in for my sketch group onewordnocaps. Not familiar with WhoHaHa? “Cofounded by Elizabeth Banks, WhoHaha is a digital platform whose goal is to shine a spotlight on funny women.” I’m so glad WhoHaHa exists and so proud to be included!

Easter fell on April Fool’s Day this year and the moms in this sketch took the opportunity to celebrate in that spirit. Check it out if you haven’t seen it and keep your eyes peeled for the littlest actor making her cameo, my 2 year old daughter.

Happy Easter Fools!

onewordnocaps fundraising campaign

As you know, I work with a terrific sketch group onewordnocaps. We’re in the process of putting together Season 4 and really need some new equipment (lights, sound gear) to do so. So we shot a funny video to tell ya all about our needs. Because that’s what we do! Enjoy the video (warning; adorable guest stars ahead) and please consider donating!

Finalist in The Funny Women Fest video shorts competition!

On Wednesday I screened an episode of Katie-Do at the Funny Women Festival, an amazing festival put on by the sketch team Cake Batter to celebrate strong, hilarious women. The screening was a blast. It was so cool to hear people laughing (and screaming) in real time as they watched!

My category, video shorts, is a competition category and I am so pleased to announce that I’ve been advanced to the final round! The final screening and voting takes place 7-8pm this Saturday December 5th at The Del Close Theater in Hollywood. You can purchase tickets here. The final round is part audience vote, part judging panel so I’d love to see some friendly faces! Hope you can make it!


Not every acting day is a good day

Some of you may know that I was fired from an acting gig when the theater managers found out I was pregnant. I’m very grateful to have been given a platform to tell my story. Please check out my article on the amazing blog, Some Lady Parts. Share it if it speaks to you. Hopefully we are approaching an era where things like this won’t happen to women and this can just be a history lesson.