On the Brink Episodes 1-3 available for your viewing pleasure!

On the Brink, the web series I’ve been working on is up! Please let me know what you think. It’s a super fun character to play and we should have more episodes for you soon. Enjoy the first 3 episodes of On the Brink!


 Her methods are ‘full of proof’…at least, she thinks they are.

 After being ridiculed by her colleagues, Dr. Penny Brink sets out to prove that her controversial  approach to couples therapy works.  Tad, a musician turned online stock investor, and  Ambrosia, an amateur poet / sex addict, agree to have their therapy sessions filmed by Dr.  Brink and her videographer, Ben, as part of a documentary.  But as lines are crossed and  ulterior motives are revealed, the project may implode before it gets to the editing stage.