New headshots, a comedic short and pre-production photos

Wander through my website or my IMDB page and you’ll notice some new headshots! I had a great shoot with Travis Tanner. What do you think?

Last week I went up to Lake Arrowhead to shoot a comedic short called “Breakfast in Bed”. It was a very fun and unique project that uses physical comedy and no dialogue to tell a simple story of a young couple trying to impress each other. Plus I got to be up in the mountains for a few days! Talk about a win-win.

Chasing Eden, the dramatic feature that I’m cast in is in pre-production. The producers organized a photo-shoot with all the lead characters and I got to meet some of my co-stars for the very first time! “Hi, nice to meet you. Now hug me and let’s pretend we’re a family.” It’s such a funny business we’re in! Here are a couple of my favorite shots. Enjoy!

Mother/Daughter        Husband/Wife