Too Close To It

My sketch group informed me that I’m too close to shit. Not like a generalized “shit”, like as a replacement for the word “stuff” or “things”, but “shit” as in poop. I am apparently, too comfortable with poop.

I pitched a sketch called “Meryl Takes a Shit”, the premise being that Meryl Streep is so beloved that people would watch her do anything so she decides to make a movie about… well, do I really need to spell it out?

They loved the sketch but took issue with the idea of showing a (fake!) turd at the end. Too far. Too gross. Too much.

Is it true? Am I in too deep to this mommy thing? I nannied for years before, too. Have I just wiped too many asses? Also I have a cat. I do. I put my hands near lots of shit each and every day. It’s not like I like it! But have I been desensitized?

I’ve decided I’m getting them all copies of “Everyone Poops” for Christmas.

Check out the finished sketch (now turd free!) here: