Rhythms Not Resolutions: A Gentle Approach to Change

Hey you…. Its February. How’s that resolution coming?

Rhythms not resolutions: Feeling overwhelmed? Kate screams as she's jumped upon by small child

If you set a New Year’s Resolution for 2023 and are feeling discouraged, I invite you to join me. If you skipped the resolution altogether this year because you’re so focused on survival and just can’t, come with me.

I’d like to lead you somewhere a bit more gentle, a bit more sustainable, and a bit more loving. This year, let’s focus on rhythms, not resolutions.

Resolutions, especially the traditional ones, are big tough goals that often come with a dose of shame beneath them. (I’m looking at you, weight loss industry.)

Rhythms, on the other hand, bring to mind nature, the seasons, and the sun’s daily rise and fall. Think music. Dance. Swaying to a beat. Your own beat.

It’s creating a small repeatable habit custom fit for your life.

Too “woo woo” for you? Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks. Rhythms, not resolutions. Here are some practical examples…

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