Welcome to Mommy Mountain!

Happy New Year and welcome to the blog! Mommy Mountain is a collection of thoughts on motherhood as seen through my unique lens as an actor, comedian, and feminist.

You’ll find a new post every 2 weeks (probably) on Tuesdays (usually). What can I say? Motherhood is a big task and we should all look for ways to cut ourselves a little slack when we can.

Plus, I believe in trusting my instincts. So let’s say, for example, 10 weeks in, I suddenly get inspired to write a short “Welcome to the blog!” post and release it on a Thursday even though I normally release on Tuesdays… well, here we are.

I also believe in just starting, not waiting to “get it right” or for perfection. On election night, I knew it was time to begin. So I did. I started. And that’s how what was intended to be a mostly comedic-toned blog started on a sad, serious, honest note.

I’m raising a daughter. (We’ll call her Baby ABC.) I live in Los Angles. I love to swear and to go for the funny but I’m planning to talk about some of the hard stuff too, because that’s how it gets out into the light. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and perhaps be inspired to share your own hard, funny, messy motherhood experiences with me and others. Sometimes I find just sharing the weight of a challenge helps me find humor in the telling and lightens the load a bit.

Finally, if Mommy Mountain does move you in any way, please share it with someone you think might enjoy it as well. Thank you for reading and welcome to Mommy Mountain. I should have trained for this.