First Place at AFMX Pitch Panel

Oh my lawd, I won! Finally determined to focus on how to pitch a TV show, I submitted myself to AFMX’s pitching competition. Nothing like a deadline to motivate, right?

In September, I found out that I was one of five semi-finalists chosen to pitch my project, a half-hour comedy series, in front of an audience and a panel of industry professionals at @AFMX. I worked to polish that thing and learn new skills and then on Oct 1st, I pitched my project live at the Historic Lobo Theater stage.

It was new and scary (and stressful! – lol) l but I am really proud of how I did. I rolled with the unexpected things they threw at me, like – surprise – asking me to sing before I started my pitch! It felt like a major personal win in terms of facing my fears and pushing myself to do something new. And then…

I won first place!

Had to go up there and give an acceptance speech and everything! It was unreal and very encouraging.

I am so proud, so exhausted, and very very grateful for the opportunity. Thank you everyone for your support leading up to this. It meant a whole lot.

Kate grins as she holds her 1st place check for the AFMX pitch competition.